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Cinque ristampe preziose

di Roberto Anghinoni

8 settembre 2009

In collaborazione con il vinyl shop PAPERMOON –

Something’s Coming: The BBC Recordings 1969-1970
Format: gatefold 2LP 180 gram
Cat. No.: LR156DLP / B.574666
Barcode: 8013252915611

In 1970, Yes released their second album, the somewhat less successful “A Time And A Word”, backed by a full orchestra. During this period the band also made a number of live appearances for BBC radio where, given the freedom of a less formal setting, the performances have a more spontaneous, less structured sound than on many of their studio recordings from the same period. Although most Yes fans would cite the early seventies as the band’s most classic period, these early recordings give listeners a glimpse of what led up to that classic sound that so defined the progressive era and is the only live release to feature the original Yes line-up. Also featuring liner notes by guitarist Peter Banks who over saw the original 1998 release of these recordings. Includes an amazing version of “Every Little Thing” plus dramatic cover versions of the Beatles and Stephen Stills, and the rare Yes original – and previously unreleased – “For Everyone”.

Tracks – Side A: 1. Something’s Coming 2. Everydays 3. Dear Father 4. Every Little Thing Side B: 1.
Sweetness 2. Sweet Dreams 3. Something’s Coming 4. Looking Around 5. No Opportunity Necessary,
No Experience Needed Side C: 1. Astral Traveller 2. Then 3. Every Little Thing 4. Everydays Side D:
1. For Everyone 2. Beyond and Before 3.Sweet Dreams 4. Then 5. Sweetness
Side A & Side B # 1 recorded live at Top Gear with John Peel,12-1-69
Side B # 2,3 recorded live at Top Gear with John Peel, 23-2-69
Side B # 4 recorded live at Dave Symonds Show, 4-8-69
Side B # 5 German Radio Broadcast
Side C & Side D # 1 recorded live at Sunday Show, 17-3-70Side D # 2 French Radio Broadcast
Side D # 3,4 recorded live at Dave Lee Travis Show, 19-1-70
Side D # 5 recorded live at Johnny Walker, 14-6-69

Waiting So Long:The Ultimate Collector’s Box Set
Format: 4LP special editions colored vinyl
Picture disc box set
Cat. No.: LR401QLP / B.F76446
Barcode: 8013252940118

When the band formed in 1966, Eric Clapton was already fairly well known, having performed and recorded with the Yardbirds and John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, but it wasn’t until Cream that Clapton
became a global superstar. Breaking free of the traditional rock & roll song structure for a more improvisational / jazz influenced take, the band’s long jams gave birth to a whole new approach to rock music. When their debut album, Fresh Cream, was released in 1966 it immediately became the standard by which all other bands of the era were judged. They went on to release three more groundbreaking albums before their disbanding in 1969. Don’t miss your chance to get these amazing collectors editions of three of the four official Cream studio albums in one vinyl box set.
The set includes Fresh Cream on clear red vinyl, Wheels of Fire (studio) on white vinyl and Wheels of Fire (Live) on white vinyl and Goodbye on picture disc.

Tracks – Disc 1:Fresh Cream 1. N.S.U. 2. Sleepy Time Time 3. Dreaming 4. Sweet Wine 5. Spoonful
6.Wrapping Paper 7.Cat’s Squirrel 8. Four Until Late 9.The Coffee Song 10. Rollin’ And Tumblin’ 11. I’m So Glad
12. Toad Disc 2: Wheels Of Fire Studio 1.White Room 2. Sitting On Top Of The World 3. Passing The Time
4. As You Said 5. Pressed Rat And Warthog 6.Politician 7.Those Were The Days 8. Born Under A Bad Sign 9.
Deserted Cities Of The Heart Disc 3: Wheels Of Fire Live 1. Crossroads 2.Spoonful 3. Traintime 4. Toad
Disc 4: Goodbye[Live] 1. I’m So Glad 2. Politician 3. Sitting On Top Of The World [Studio] 4. Badge 5. Doing
That Scrapyard Thing 6. What A Bringdown

Into The Dark: The Early Cure 1979-1982
Format: 4LP special editions colored vinyl
Picture disc box set
Cat. No.: LR402QLP / B.F76447
Barcode: 8013252940217

Attention all Cure fans! This collectible 4LP box set features special versions of the first four Cure albums: Three Imaginary Boys on picture disc, Seventeen Seconds on white vinyl Faith on grey vinyl and Pornography on clear red vinyl. Don’t miss your chance to own all these rare editions in one collectible box set: their brilliant debut (the fans love this album, even if Robert Smith himself hates it), plus the triptych representing their “dark period” that caused them to become the unwilling godfathers of goth.

Tracks – Disc 1: Three Imaginary Boys 1. 10.15 Saturday Night 2.Accuracy 3. Grinding Halt 4. Another
Day 5. Object 6. Subway Song 7. Foxy Lady 8.Meat Hook 9.So What 10.. Fire In Cairo 11..It’s Not You 12 .Three
Imaginary Boys
Disc 2: Seventeen Seconds 1. A Reflection 2. Play For Today 3. Secrets 4. In Your House 5.
Three 6. The Final Sound 7. A Forest 8. M 9. At Night 10. Seventeen Seconds
Disc 3: Faith 1. The Holy Hour 2.
Primary 3. Other Voices 4. All Cats Are Grey 5. The Funeral Party 6. Doubt 7. The Drowning Man 8. Faith
Disc 4: Pornography 1. One Hundred Years 2. A Short Term Effect 3. The Hanging Garden 4. Siamese Twins 5. The
Figurehead 6. A Strange Day 7. Cold 8. Pornography

Revolução (1968-1972)
Format: 180 gram 4LP box set
Cat. No.: LR403QLP / B.F76450
Barcode: 8013252940316

The albums that brought in a new era called Tropicalia, a 1960s musical and political movement that sought to bring bossa nova into the future with the help of acid-fuelled psychedelia and political protest lyrics…all this through the hearts and guitars of a few left-wing student protesters / musicians based in Rio De Janeiro – including a young musician named Caetano. His musical protests soon got the attention of Brazil’s military dictator, causing him to be thrown into jail and eventually forcing him to leave the country for a brief period, but by that time the Tropicalia movement had already exploded and the groundwork for much of contemporary Brazilian music had already been laid. The four albums collected here: Tropicalia, Irene, A Little More Blue and Araçá Azul straddle this tumultuous time in Caetano’s life, with A Little More Blue being recorded while he was in exile in England. Caetano fortunately soon returned home in triumph, going on to become one of the most significant singer / songwriters of the 20th century.

Tracks – Disc 1: Tropicalia 1. Tropicalia 2. Clarice 3. No Dia Em Que Eu Vim-me Embora 4. Alegria,
Alegria 5. Onde Andaras 6. Anunciação 7. Superbacana 8. Paisage Util 9. Clara 10. Soy Loco Por Ti
America 11. Ave Maria 12. Eles
Disc 2: Irene 1. Irene 2. The Empty Boat 3. Marinheiro Só 4. Lost in
the Paradise 5. Atrás Do Trio Elétrico 6. Os Argonautas 7. Carolina 8. Cambalache 9. Não Identificado
10.Chuvas de Verão 11. Acrilírico 12. Alfõmega
Disc 3: A Little More Blue 1. A Little More
Blue 2. London, London 3. Maria Bethania 4. If You Hold a Stone 5. Shoot Me Dead 6. In the Hot Sun
of a Christmas Day 7. Asa Branca
Disc 4: Araçá Azul 1.Viola, Meu Bem 2. De Conversa, Cravo e
Canela 3. Tu Me Acostumbraste 4. Gilberto Misterioso 5. De Palavra Em Palavra 6. De Cara 7. Sugar
Cane Fields Forever 8. Julia / Moreno 9. Epico 10. Araçá Azul

Dois Mil E Nove
Format: 180 gram 3LP box set
Cat. No.: LR404TLP / B.F76452
Barcode: 801325294041

One of those rare amazing bands that never became the superstars they were meant to be only because they were not from the US or the UK. In fact, they were from that other musical powerhouse, Brazil, which had not yet been fully recognized as such. In line with the avant-garde movement Tropicalia, from 1968 to 1972 Os Mutantes recorded five brilliant albums drawing from traditional Brazilian music, psychedelia, 60s rock, and fusing it together into the top-secret hydrogen bomb of a new breed of rock & roll that went on to far surpass the bands they were trying so hard to match. And then they disappeared without a trace (until their reunion in 2006)…except for their name appearing every now and again as a major influence on this or that famous rock star (Kurt Cobain begged them to do a reunion tour in 1993). This box collects their first three (and best) albums: Os Mutantes, Mutantes and A Divina Comedia ou Ando Meio Desligado, which have gone down in history as some of the best Brazilian music of all time.

Tracks – Disc 1: Os Mutantes 1.Panis Et Circenses 2. A Minha Menina 3. O Relógio 4. Adeus Maria
Fulô 5. Baby 6. Senhor F 7.Bat Macumba 8. Le Premier Bonheur Du Jour 9. Trem Fantasma
10.Tempo no Tempo (Once Was A Time I Thought) 11. Ave Gengis Khan
Disc 2: Mutantes 1. Dom Quixote 2. Nao Va Se Perder por Ai 3. Dia 36 4. Dois Mil E Um 5. Algo Mais 6. Fuga No. II Dos Mutantes 7. Banho De Lua (Tintarella di Luna) 8. Rita Lee 9. Magica 10. Qualquer Bobagem 11.
Caminhante Noturno
Disc 3: A Divina Comedia 1. Ando Meio Desligado 2. Quem Tem Medo de Brincar de Amor 3. Ave, Lucifer 4.Desculpe, Babe 5. Meu Refrigerador Nao Funciona 6. Hey Boy 7. Preciso Urgentemente Encontrar Um Amigo 8. Chao De Estrelas 9. Jogo de Calcada 10. Haleluia 11. Oh! Mulher Infiel