Numero 57 – Marzo 2002


Copertina n.57


  • Pag. 1  -  Editoriale
  • Pag. 2  -  Sommario
  • Pag. 4  -  Speciale.  Mogwai: Quando le parole non servono, di M.Tagliabue (Ritratto+Intervista)
  • Pag. 10  -  Ritratti.  Dion: The Road I’m On, di G.Callieri
  • Pag. 14  -  Ritratti.  Jim O’Rourke: L’illusione della sicurezza, di P.A.Cantù
  • Pag. 18  -  Ritratti.  Big Country: In Memory Of Stuart Adamson, di M.Marcolla  
  • Pag. 19  -  Ritratti.  Atomic Rooster: La cresta abbassata, di D.Ghisoni 
  • Pag. 20  -  Ritratti.  Eva Cassidy: Cantare per restare vivi, di F.Pezzoli 
  • Pag. 22  -  Out Of  The Darkness.  Label Portrait: Rough Trade Records, di M.Tagliabue – A certain kind of mood. Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions: Bavarian Fruit Bread. Bevel/Prague/Lincoln/Okkervill River/Joan Of Arse/Savoy Grand/Tanya Donelly/Aroah/King Me/Coldharbourstores/Willard Grant Conspiracy+Telefunk/Migala/Dakota Suite/Jont – Pop Rock Eye. Giant Sand: Cover Magazine. The Appleseed Cast/Colonel Jeffrey Pumpernickel/Mull Historical Society/The New Pornographers/Vue/Desert Hearts/They Might Be Giants/Neil Michael Hagerty/Six By Seven/Band Of Holy Joy/Clinic/Firewater – Musiche Altre. Brigitte Fontaine: Kekeland. July Skies/Donna Regina/Capitol K/Fuxa/Limp/Skanfrom/Alex Gopher With Demon/The Herbaliser/The Paperchase/Do Make Say Think/Freestylers/Phil Ranelin/90 Day Men/David Grubbs – Indiementicabili: God Is My Co-Pilot, di P.A.Cantù – Doppio Sogno. Lambchop: Is A Woman, di R.Anghinoni e P.A.Cantù
  • Pag. 32  -  Old Stones And Broken Bones, a cura di D.Medves. Goose Creek Simphony 
  • Pag. 34  -  Kind Of Blue, a cura di R.Anghinoni.  Mahavishnu Orchestra: Between Guitars & Eternity
  • Pag. 38  -  Teach Your Children.  America: Hideaway/Beach Boys: Holland/Bob Seger And The Silver Bullet Band: Live Bullet/Country Joe McDonald: Rare And Oddities-The Rag Baby Ep’s/Doc Thomas Group: Same/Elton John: Empty Sky/Haymarket Square: Magic Lantern/Jerry Garcia Band: Jerry Garcia Band/Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band: Almost Acoustic/Joe Jackson: Jumpin’ Jive/Merle Haggard & The Strangers: I’m A Lonesome Fugitive-Mama Tried/Richard Thompson: Small Town Romance/Santana: Caravanserai/Spencer Davis & Peter Jameson: It’s Been So Long/The Brain Police: Same/Thin Lizzy: Live And Dangerous/Tom Rush: Late Night Radio-New Year/Tret Fure: Tret Fure/Navasota: Rootin’/Gator Creek: Same/The Velvet Underground: Bootleg Series Vol. 1-The Quine Tapes
  • Pag. 52  -  Folk, a cura di R.Menabò. Jez Lowe & Jake Walton: Two A Rue/Drinkers Drouth: A Tribute/Maura O’Connell: Walls & Windows/Steve Tilston: Life By Misadventure/Theodore Bikel: A Folksinger’s Choice/The Waterboys: Too Close To Heaven. Tony McManus: La chitarra delle Highlands
  • Pag. 56  -  American Music Club.  Pen, Pencil & Poison, di G.Callieri - Bob Malone: Like It Or Not/Hazeldine: Orphans/Don McCalilster Jr.: Born In A Hurricane/Gillian Welch: Time/Matthew Ryan: Concussion/Robert Bradley’s Blackwater Surprise: New Ground/AA.VV.: From Hell To Breqakfast/JL Stiles: Solo Sessions
  • Pag. 64  -  I Write Your Name.  James Lee Burke, di M.Denti
  • Pag. 66  -  This Is Hip, Pretty Baby, a cura di P.Vites
  • Pag. 68  -  Collector’s Corner, a cura di D.Ghisoni.  Aurora: Same/Fever Tree: Live At Lake Charles/Spencer Davis Group: Mojo Rhythm & Midnight vol 1-2/The Wizard Of Kansas: Same/Road: Same/The Betterdays: No Concessions/Blind Faith: Blind Faith DeLuxe    
  • Pag. 70  -  Mississippi Suite, a cura di D.Ghisoni.  John Hammond: Footwork/Fathers And Sons: Same/Sun Ra & The Blues Project: Batman And Robin/Charley Patton: Scramin’ And Hollerin The Blues/Ted Hawkins: Nowhere To Run/Tommy Castro Band: Guilty Of Love/Kim Simmonds: Blues Like Midnight – Blues News: R.L.Burnside, Muddy Waters, Newport Folk Festival, John Hammond
  • Pag. 72  -  Singoli & Intingoli, a cura di R.Anghinoni
  • Pag. 74  -  Fra vent’anni su Late For The Sky.  Chuck E. Weiss: Old Souls & Wolk Tickets/Sigur Ros: Agaetis Birjun/Quetzal: Sing The Real/Cara Dillon: Cara Dillon/Luka Bloom: Between The Mountain And The Moon/January: I Heard Myself In You/Mark Doyle: Out Of The Past/Rice, Rice, Hillman & Pedersen: Running Wild/Sophie B. Hawkins: Timbre/Terry Garland: Out Where The Blues Begins/Todd Thibaud: Hot FM Sessions/Junior Brown: Mixed Bag/The Court & Spark: Bess You/Scott Finch And Blues-O-Delics: Live Groove/The New Year: Newness Ends