Numero 49 – Novembre 2000


Copertina n.49


  • Pag. 1  -  Editoriale
  • Pag. 2  -  Sommario
  • Pag. 4  -  Speciale.  Willie Nelson: Gli anni ‘90, di R.Stancanelli 
  • Pag. 12  -  Ritratti.  Lynyrd Skynyrd: The Second Coming, di P.Baiotti
  • Pag. 16  -  Ritratti.  Prefab Sprout: Gli artigiani del pop, di G.Galli
  • Pag. 19  -  A Bananarama Moment.  Prefab Sprout live in Dublin, di B.F.Leahy
  • Pag. 20  -  Ritratti.  Davis Coen: To Get The Blues, di F.Caltagirone
  • Pag. 22  -  Ritratti.  Joy Division: Here Are The Young Men, di M.Tagliabue
  • Pag. 26  -  Old Stones And Broken Bones, a cura di D.Medves
  • Pag. 28  -  Out Of The Darkness.  Goodspeed You Black Emperor!: Levez Vos Skinny Fists Comme Antennas To Heaven  -  Out Soon: Old & Post Old Stuff, Rock & Pop Lines, New Links di P.A.Cantù  -  Indiementicabili: Loop, di M.Tagliabue  -  Intervista: Mark Kozelek, di B.F.Leahy  
  • Pag. 36  -  Kind Of Blue, a cura di L.Gaburro.  Michel Petrucciani: La leggenda del pianista delle stelle
  • Pag. 38  -  Mississippi Suite, a cura di D.Ghisoni.  Junior Wells: Senior Blues  -  Blues News. Sonny Landreth: Leeve Town/Robert Lockwood Jr.: Delta Crossroads/Magic Slim & The Teardrops: Snakebite/B.B.King: Live In Japan 
  • Pag. 42  -  Intervista.  Alain Caron: Alain Le Roi, di L.Gaburro
  • Pag. 46  -  Modern Loner, a cura di M.Eufrosini.  Carol Ponder: Little Journeys/Victor Mecyssne: Skinnybones/Tom Mitchell: When The Moon Is Right/Bobby Bradford: No Saints Walking/Mary Lee’s Corvette: Same-True Lovers Of Adventures/Peter Mulvey: The Trouble With Poets
  • Pag. 50  -  Acoustic Room, a cura di R.Menabò.  Dough Cox: Il dobro che viene dal nord – Craig Dawson: The Malfunction Room/Allie Fox: Diving For Pearls/Damien Barber: Boxed
  • Pag. 52  -  Collector’s Corner, a cura di D.Ghisoni.  The Magic Mixture: This Is/Rhubarb’s Revenge: Or Confessions Of A Big Lanky Dope/Hampton Grease Band: Music To Heat/Seompi: Same/The Kingston Trio: Live At The Crazy Horse/Marriott & Lane: Together Again/Steve Marriott: A Small Face/Marriott & All Stars: Alternative History/Pacific Gas And Electric: Pacific Gas And Electric-Are You Ready?/Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band: Live In Liverpool/Majic Ship: Majic Ship.   
  • Pag. 56  -  Teach Your Children.  Balham Alligators: Live/Bonnie Dobson: She’s Like A Swallow And Other Folk Songs/Crow: Music/Emmylou Harris: Last Date/Garland Frady: Pure Country/Andrew Gold: Andrew Gold/Ian Hunter: Welcome To The Club/Kaleidoscope: When Scopes Collide/Peter Kaukonen: Black Kangaroo/Carole King: Writer/Laura Nyro: Eli And The Thirteenth Confession/The Saints: (I’m) Stranded/Ultravox: Ha! Ha! Ha!/John Fahey: The Yellow Princess/Muleskinner: Live-The Video/Clarence White-Gram Parsons: Together Again For The Last Time   
  • Pag. 66  -  Refugee, a cura di G.Callieri e R.Bevilacqua.  Long Take I – Long Take II – Matthew Ryan: East Autumn Grin/Greg Brown: Songs Of Innocence And Of Experience/The Wallflowers: Breach/AA.VV.: Come On Beautiful, The Songs Of American Music Club
  • Pag. 75  -  Fra vent’anni su Late For The Sky.  Atlanta Rhythm Section: Live At The Savoy, New York, October 27 1981/Jeb Loy Nichols: Just What Time It Is/Kevin Gordon: Down To The Well/Louise Taylor: Written In Red/Robin Laing: Imaginary Lines/Scott Finch & Gipsy: Haze Of Mother Nature/U2: All That You Can’t Leave Behind/Richard Shindell: Somewhere Near Paterson