Numero 47 – Luglio 2000


Copertina n.47


         seconda di copertina: Editoriale

  • Pag. 2  -  Speciale.  Grateful Dead: Surrealistic Dead, di G.Callieri
  • Pag. 6  -  Speciale.  Grateful Dead: A proposito del Morto Riconoscente, di P.C.Carnevale
  • Pag. 10  -  Speciale.  Grateful Dead: Dick’s Picks Vol. 1-15. In Memory Of Dick Latvala, di P.Baiotti
  • Pag. 12  -  Speciale.  SXSW 2000, di M.Eufrosini
  • Pag. 18  -  Ritratti.  Love: Arthur Lee’s Little Red Book, di D.Ghisoni
  • Pag. 20  -  Ritratti.  Neville Brothers: Fratelli a New Orleans, di S.Starace
  • Pag. 22  -  Folk.  Mike Scott: Welcome To The Big Music, di M.Marcolla
  • Pag. 26  -  Kind Of Blue, a cura di V.Pio.  Mike Stern: Jazzin’ Guitar
  • Pag. 28  -  Modern Loner, a cura di M.Eufrosini.  Blue Miller: Blue/Hot Soup!: Soup Happens/Nicole Campbell: Little Voice/Ruthie And The Wranglers: Live At Chick Hall’s Surf Club/Tina Mitchell: Soul Full Of Promises/Kenny Butterhill: No One Know
  • Pag. 32  -  Collector’s Corner, a cura di D.Ghisoni.  Trader Horne: Morning Way/Leigh Stephens: And A Cast of Thousands/Santana: Mother Earth/High Tide: Interesting Times/Quicksilver Messenger Service: Lost Gold And Silver/Virginia Tree: Fresh Out/Heavy Traffic: O.S.T.
  • Pag. 34  -  Out Of The Darkness, a cura di P.A.Cantù.  Strong & light. Rainer: Alpaca Lips/Yellow 6: Overtone - Out Soon – Buffalo Grandchildren. Mojave 3: Excuses For Travellers/Big In Iowa: Bangin’n'Knockin’/The Hooblers: Where We Are – Label Portrait: Domino Recording     
  • Pag. 38  -  Acoustic Room, a cura di R.Menabò.  Blind Blake, Michael Mc Donnell and Dirty Linen, Lisa Brigantino, Don Baker, Karen Tweed & Ian Carr
  • Pag. 40  -  Mississippi Suite, a cura di D.Ghisoni.  Robert Johnson: Blues & Poison
  • Pag. 42  -  Teach Your Children.  Dan Fogelberg & Tim Weisberg: Twin Sons Of Different Mothers/Dr. Feelgood: Stupidity/Everything But The Girl: Amplified Heart/Tim Buckley: Goodbye And Hello/Lou Reed: Transformer/Marillion: Misplaced Childhood/Mike Bloomfield: Red Hot & Blue/Steve Young: Look Homeward Angel/Neil Young: American Stars’n'Bars/Suzanne Vega: Suzanne Vega/Taos: Taos/The Usual Suspects: The Usual Suspects/The Outlaws: Bring It Back Alive/Pere Ubu: Terminal Tower/The Byrds: Live At The Fillmore February 1969/High Tide: High Tide 
  •  Pag. 52  -  Classici.  Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid: Quien es, Quien es? La storia del “kid”, di P.Caltagirone
  • Pag. 57  -  On Stage.  Andy White Live.  Torino 18 maggio 2000, di M.Marcolla
  • Pag. 58  -  Speciale.  Pink Floyd: About The Wall, di P.Pettenati
  • Pag. 60  -  Fra vent’anni su Late For The Sky.  AC/DC: Stiff Upper Lip/Ben Demerath: Jack Of Fools/Birkin Tree: A Cheap Present/Giant Sand: Chore Of Enchantment/Norman Blake: Far Away, Down On A Georgia Farm/Jimmy Buffett: Live. Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays/The High Llamas: Snowbug/James Talley: Woody Guthrie And Songs Of My Oklahoma Home/Buddy Miller: Cruel Moon/Grant Hart: Good News For Modern Man