Numero 58 – Maggio 2002


Copertina n.58


  • Pag. 1  -  Editoriale
  • Pag. 2  -  Sommario
  • Pag. 4  -  Speciale.  Peter Hammill: Una breccia nella camera chiusa, di F.Caltagirone
  •  Pag. 8  -  Ritratti.  Todd Snider: Un ragazzo del Sud, di F.Cerbone
  •  Pag. 10  -  Ritratti.  The Alarm: Noi, la luce, di M.Marcolla - Mike Peters 2001: Ristampe, novità e concerto a Bolzano Circolo Masetti, 19 maggio 2001, di P.Carnevale
  • Pag. 14  -  Ritratti.  Make Up: Nelle menti della massa, di M.Ferrante
  • Pag. 16  -  Ritratti.  Black Sabbath with R.J.Dio: It’s Heaven And Hell!, di P.Baiotti
  • Pag. 18  -  Ritratti.  The Saints: The Most Primitive Band In The World, di M.Tagliabue    
  • Pag. 24  -  Out Of The Darkness.  Label Portrait: Morr Music, di P.A.Cantù – Hermann & Kleine: Our Noise – A certain kind of mood. Belle And Sebastian: Storytelling. Nina Nastassia/Chris Brokaw & Viva Las Vegas/Songs: Ohia/The Mountain Goats/Johnny Dowd/Woven Hand/Kimya Dawson/Early Day Miners, Unwed Sailor, Chris Bennet/The Radar Bros./Azure Ray/Adam Green/The Fire Show/M.Hederos & M.Hellberg/Over The Rhine – Pop Rock Eye. Biffy Clyro: Blackened Sky. Ooberman/Badly Drawn Boy/Alfie/Utah Carol/David Kilgour/The Somatics/Millionaire/Departure Lounge/Ben & Jason/Wilco/The National Trust/Abraham/Buffalo Daughter/Trans Am – Musiche Altre. Piano Magic: Writers Without Home. Ativin/Sub Oslo/Smith & Mighty/A Small Good Thing/ Flunk/Slowpho/Cinematic Orchestra/Anti Pop Consortium/Mùm/Ludus Pinsky & Alexander Robotnick/Req/Fly Pan Am/Static – Indiementicabili: Mc Carthy, di M.Tagliabue – Doppio Sogno. Boards Of Canada: Geogaddi, di R.Anghinoni e P.A.Cantù
  • Pag. 34  -  Black & Blue. Short Stories About Soul, Rhythm’n'Blues & Deep South a cura di G.Callieri  
  • Pag. 38  -  Teach Your Children.  AA.VV.: Melting Plot O.s.t./Neil Young: On The Beach/AA.VV.: Let’s Jump! Swingin’ Humdingers From Modern Records/Dave Chastain Band: Rockin’ Roulette/Gene Clark: Gipsy Angel/Jerry Reed: Ko-Ko Joe/Kevin Ayers: Still Life With Guitar/Link Wray: Law Of The Jungle Classic Swan 45s/Eddie Mottau: No Moulding/Paul Kantner, Grace Slick & David Freiberg: Baron Von Tollbooth & The Chrome Nun/Saccharine Trust: We Became Snakes/Steven Fromholz: Come On Down To Texas For A While-The Anthology 1969 1991/Steve Marriott & The Official Receivers: Unreleased Studio Sessions 1987 88+Live At The Hammersmith Odeon 9.7.87/The City: Same
  • Pag. 50  -  Collector’s Corner, a cura di D.Ghisoni.  Love: Forever Changes/Harvey Mandell: Shangrenade-Feel The Sound/Illwind: Flashes/Anonymous: Inside The Shadow/The John Berberian Ensemble: Music Of The Middle East/Farm: Same/Lyd: Same
  • Pag. 52  -  Mississippi Suite, a cura di D.Ghisoni.  Big Jack Johnson with Kim Wilson: The Memphis Barbecue Sessions/Little Charlie & The Nightcats: That’s Big/Jody Williams: Return Of A Legend/Son Seals: Deluxe Edition/Koko Taylor: Deluxe Edition/Eddie Boyd: 7936 South Rhodes   
  • Pag. 54  -  Old Stones And Broken Bones, a cura di D.Medves.  Hawaian Rhythms
  • Pag. 56  -  American Music Club.  Pen, Pencil & Poison, di G.Callieri – James Talley: Touchstones/Robin & Linda Williams: Visions Of Love – No Drinkable Water, di R.Bevilacqua
  • Pag. 66  -  This Is Hip, Pretty Baby, a cura di P.Vites
  • Pag. 68  -  I Write Your Name.  Alistair McLeod, di M.Denti – The John Lennon FBI Files, Selene Edizioni – Greil Marcus: Mistery Train – Mauro Ronconi con Fabrizio Pezzoli: Le canzoni di James Taylor - Eleonora Bagarotti: Magic Bus, diario di una rock girl – Laurent De Wilde: Thelonious Monk Himself
  • Pag. 72  -  Singoli & Intingoli, a cura di R.Anghinoni
  • Pag. 74  -  Fra vent’anni su Late For The Sky.  Doc Watson with Frosty Morn: ‘Round The Table Again/Host: The Damage Suite/Jim Roonie & Rooney’s Irregular: My Own Ignorant Way/John Hartford: Steam Powered Aereo Takes/Lokua Kanza: Toyebi Tè/Notwist: Neon Golden/Odetta: Ballad From Americans And Other American Ballads/Sophie Zelmani: Sing And Dance/Shana Morrison: 7 Wishes/Willie Nelson: The Great Divide/Bruce Cockburn: Anything Anytime Anywhere/Eileen Rose: Long Shot Novena/Rocket FromThe Tombs: The Day The Earth Met The R.F.T.T./Tom Waits: Blood Money-Alice/Ai Phoenix: Lean That Way Forever